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Free Shipping on All Orders! Contact Account Shopping Cart. BigDWiz Posts: February edited September in Car Subwoofer Talk. I wasn't sure if this should go in the Vintage Speaker section or the Car Audio section, but since it's car audio, I decided to put it here.

I took off the bottom panel to show off the "guts" and plan on doing a video demo soon. I took off the bottom panel so you could see the goodies. I'll do a video demo soon, so stay tuned Specs: Driver complement - Four 6x9 drivers monted in a isobaric push pull configuration Enclosure type - 4th order bandpass Frequency response - 25 to Hertz Sensitivity - 94 db 1 Watt 1 Meter Recommended amplification - 25 to Watts per channel Impedance - 4 Ohm stereo, 2 or 8 Ohm mono Dimensions - 8" H x Post edited by BigDWiz on September February edited February Mods feel free to move this to the Car Subwoofer section I should've looked at all of the forum titles before posting :redface:.

I picked it up late yesterday and haven't had a chance to fully test it out in my car. I tested it for functionality only, but I'm planning on doing an entire video demo of the unit and will also give my impression of the subwoofer. I currently have a JL Audio 12w6v2 in my car, so I don't expect that level of output, but clean, hard hitting bass is really what I prefer anyway. I'll be sure to post the video here and any follow up impressions.

Each 6x9 in the enclosure has a date written on it Sharpie? Maybe the 6x9's were replaced or my eyes are deceiving me? Still confused why my speaker input terminals are on the opposite side of the box??JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Its elegant exterior design adds a stylishly modern look when mounted to your wall or set on any surface, and its slim profile and extended length are designed to complement your large sized HDTV. For the peak in home theater, 5.

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To provide a complete audio entertainment experience, post-processing and psychoacoustic techniques are implemented. Simply set the volume once. Connecting a single audio cable is all it takes to fill any room with rich immersive sound within minutes. Every VIZIO sound bar comes equipped with any connection you might need to get your audio booming quickly, with maximum convenience and minimal clutter. All Rights Reserved. Sx-C4 is rated at dB. Sound Pressure Level measured using pink noise at 1 meter, C-weighted.

Total Harmonic Distortion calculated as electrical measurement of amplifier distortion. Wireless Subwoofer range approximately 60 feet — line of sight from Sound bar. All product specifications, functionality, features, configurations, performance, design and other product information described herein are subject to change without notice.

c4 subwoofer

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Home Theater Made for the Big Stage. Convenient Connection. Wireless Subwoofer 2. Bluetooth Connectivity.The appearance of KEF C4 sbuwoofer is moderately conservative, only frontal slotted bass-reflex outlooks on the body with classical sizes. Low-frequency driver here is of 8 inches mmthe amplifier is also not the most powerful, but W for usual living room will be enough.

The body is assembled from thick MDF plates and the frontal panel has a two-layered antiresonant construction. Among inputs there are only linear LFE that slightly limits the possibilities of integration into different audio complexes. Build quality is traditionally very high, variants of the finish are classical black ash and Europian walnut.

When you configurate KEF C4, you should select cutoff frequency and the level carefully, because these controls are very sensitive.

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We had to tinker with them, but the result didn't dissapoint us. On musical phonograms the sub kept the balance between bass depth and its speed. Parts of individual instruments were perfectly recognised and, what is especially valuable, even at high volume.

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However, attack seemed to be a bit smoothed and the dynamical potential - to be insuficient. Separate overhangs are transfered correctly, but at the abundance of lower bass in the recording part of them sometimes get lost. There are no side tones of the body, it is damped just exemplary. In the mode of home theatre the sub showed itself not so confidently.

With all the advantages, described above, KEF C4 not very convincingly conveyed "global" special effects.

Old School Polk Audio C4 Subwoofer - Four 6x9 Subs in Isobaric Teardrop Enclosure

Due to this they lost scale and energy. The general character of the sub in the system of home theatre is quite calm and measured; it doesn't aim to produce a bright impression on a listener, but honestly and impartially does its job. Specification KEF C4. KEF Rb Subwoofer review. KEF Kube-2 Subwoofer review. KEF Kube-1 Subwoofer review.Do subwoofers belong in music? In fact, home-cinema subwoofers are given their own channel, called the.

But what about stereo systems? How do you connect a subwoofer, and should you? With this method, the subwoofer connects to the back of your amp exactly where you plug in your speakers. The sub is just seeing a signal and amplifying it. While a subwoofer on a home-cinema system is all about chest-thumping explosions and room-shaking rumbles, a subwoofer on a stereo system has to perform a far more subtle duty.

c4 subwoofer???

A home-cinema sub can be all about sheer bass output, and music sub needs to be more about speed and articulation. For high-fidelity music systems, we recommend subwoofers by REL Acoustics.

We love REL because they design their subs like any high-end loudspeaker--with a focus on speed and articulation, and the ability to cleanly reproduce bass down to the specified low-frequency extension. Speed is everything for a sub. REL invests a huge amount of time and money in developing driver cones that are light, but stiff. Most subs have big heavy cones that produce whopping bass but are really hard to stop once they get moving. As a result, their bass is powerful, but also bloated and sloppy.

REL works with materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber to produce cones that can move massive amounts of air quickly and without flexing. As a result, REL pours engineering money into designing the fastest possible filters to process the signal for the subwoofer amplifier.

All of this means that REL subwoofers can integrate with the best loudspeakers in the world. In systems where any other sub would sound slow, or fuzzy, or muddy, or boomy, RELs are incredibly deep, but fast and accurate.

Kick drums have snap and attack just like they do in real life. Double basses go way low without turning to sludge or simply vanishing in the mix. The true benefit of a fast, well-integrated sub-bass system is not about bass, at least, not in the way we usually think of bass.

The soundstage then seems to just collapse on itself, making a relatively flat, harsh picture. John Hunter, the owner and design director of REL Acoustics, has many demonstration tracks that have no apparent bass--just a voice and guitar for example--but the subs offer low-frequency spatial cues that make listeners feel they are in the recording space, and a part of the performance.

Turn the subs off, and that illusion vanishes. Participants become observers. One of the Upscale crew fondly remembers a profound demonstration from a couple of years ago featuring REL subs.Q: I appreciated your article on setting up a surround-sound system last month.

The information was clear, concise and useful. I have often wondered about the purpose of a subwoofer. I have an old stereo component system from the s.

My receiver doesn't have a subwoofer output. Does this mean that I don't need one and could not use one with this equipment? A: Yes, Jack, you can still use a subwoofer with your system. Check if it has a preamp output, sometimes marked "Pre Out" on the back panel.

If your receiver doesn't have a preamp output, you can treat the subwoofer like another speaker and use speaker wire to connect it to the receiver's speaker terminals designated for the front left and right speakers. You would then connect the front left and right speakers to the subwoofer's speaker-level terminals. Most subwoofers have these speaker-level connections, but check before you buy.

c4 subwoofer

A good subwoofer will reach the low notes that your speakers can't. It makes a big difference, especially with a movie's special effects. The frequency response of the speakers you mentioned elsewhere in your e-mail, for example, goes down to 50 hertz. A subwoofer will take you to 30 hertz or even lower. You'll notice the extra weight. Both are available at Amazon. Q: I read your interesting article, "Bose's Wave has new rival," in the Jan.

c4 subwoofer

Plenty of the original Wave radios around. I have one, which I could have lent you. If Bose supplies a loaner for review, I'll let you know if I agree. Q: Re your article on "Bose's Wave has new rival": I suppose optional bass and treble controls on Bose or anything else are not available anymore.

I ordered a large table model Bose CD player but sent it back because the familiar treble and bass controls were missing on this newer model. Once you've had a choice, it's difficult to settle for less. So much for progress. Thanks for the news that Bose is getting a little competition. But I imagine the days of treble and bass controls are permanently over.

A: In their effort to sell sleek "lifestyle" products, some manufacturers sacrifice functionality for simplicity. Visit hifi. Q: Read your great review of the T on the Web, but noticed that you, like so many journalists, strangely seem to get NAD's origins and even nationality wrong.

You article states: " Sincewhen it was founded in Germany as New Acoustic Dimension Later, with the importers of AR Robert Brown and others, they met in Malta and formally got underway with the business.

It's now of course, owned by a Canadian company but has always had British design and audio engineering at its heart. I'm no flag-waving Brit by the way, I'm an Irish Australian, about as un-British as you can get, but I LOVE British audio design I still have my dad's Radford valve amp and as a hi-fi buff and sometimes journalist, I'm a stickler for the right information.Dual Subwoofers.

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c4 subwoofer

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Authorized Dealers. International Dealers. SVS subwoofers stand alone as the reference standard for bass. All SVS subwoofers effortlessly produce the lowest frequencies at the highest output levels while maintaining pinpoint accuracy and speed in transients, and blending seamlessly with all speakers.

Music, movies and TV shows become more convincing and every audio experience takes on an added energy and feeling with an SVS subwoofer anchoring the low end.

SVS makes a variety of ported and sealed home subwoofers to fit every room, audio system and budget.There are fittings at the top and bottom for securing an optional wooden lid, and mounted on the rear panel are ratchet strap guide plates, two hinge plates and four heavy duty wheels. After a prolonged hiatus of eight years the enigmatic Portishead, a band that ardently refuse to be musically pigeonholed, produced one of 's surprise successes.

Released in the spring, 'Third' quickly rose to reach number two in the…. Show all heritage products. C4 subwoofer.

KEF C4 Subwoofer

Technical data. System data. Loudspeaker data. Just four years old yet already the Mosaic Festival has grown from a gourmet event based around Jazz, Latin and Reggae music peppered with the occasional more esoteric performance, to now, where it embraces a truly sizzling diversity of…. Besides the obvious conferences that form its mainstay, the largest hall, Hall One, with a capacity of three thousand seats,….

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