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It is important to understand the relationship between fuel line size and fuel pressure when planning a fuel delivery system. To deliver fuel at the correct flow rate and pressure, careful consideration of fuel line diameter and length, as well as whether the application is carbureted or EFI, is very important.

diagram based 3vze fuel return line diagram completed

The topic of determining actual pressure drop and how it can affect different systems is typically not addressed or performed. This article examines an analysis of pressure drop for a supply line used in a fuel system. The example uses experimentally derived data to show how pressure drop in the fuel line will have performance effects on the fuel system. This examination will also show how this performance loss affects a low pressure carbureted pump versus an EFI pump.

While this article does not show an analysis over an entire fuel system, it does discuss how much pressure drop exists in some typical fuel lines, how can this information can be used to see how performance is affected, and how some components behave differently than others. Fluids experience friction as they pass through pipes and hoses, and this drag reduces the pressure under which the fluid is being delivered.

In the case of fuel lines, two influences increase friction and therefore fuel pressure drop. The first is the length of the fuel line — the longer it is the more friction will be incurred. The second is flow rate — as the rate is increased so is friction. Graph A. Shows the relationship between measured pressure drop as a function of flow rate, for four different fuel lines two different sizes at two different lengths. Every fuel line experiences pressure loss depending on fuel line length, and fuel flow rate.

It should be noted that fuel lines which feed pressure gauges experience the least amount of loss, as the flow rate through the gauge line plummets to near zero flow levels. Graph B.

3vze fuel line diagram

If the minimum required fuel system pressure for our example is 6 PSI not accounting for other lossesthe graph shows us the maximum flow rate to be considered is GPH.

Referring to Graph A. However, depending on how much pressure loss can be tolerated by the system before it affects performance, it could prove to be a significant problem. This example shows carbureted systems are very sensitive to fuel line size. However, it is important to know that things are a bit different when determining the appropriate fuel line size for an EFI vehicle.See all 13 photos. Romance is making horsepower on the dyno.

Reality is making all that power work for you in the car. The better the car accelerates, the more g-forces are applied to the vehicle, which you feel as an invisible force shoving you back in the seat. One of the effects of acceleration is additional demands on the fuel-delivery system. Perhaps the greatest misconception that exists in fuel-delivery systems is in the relationship between pressure and volume.

To state it simply, pressure is inversely proportional to volume. In other words, as fuel pressure increases, the volume of fuel decreases. We have included a fuel-pressure chart that shows the effect of pressure on the amount of fuel delivered to help illustrate this point.

If a fuel pump did not have to fight the forces of acceleration in a vehicle, fuel pressure could be as little as 1 to 2 psi to push a sufficient volume of fuel to the carburetor. But even street cars can muster sufficient power and traction to propel a pound car from a standing start at 1. The same acceleration force that pushes you back in the seat is also pushing against the fuel in the line that the fuel pump is attempting to push or sometimes pull forward from the rear-mounted tank.

According to SuperFlows Harold Bettes, a rough rule of thumb is that the fuel-delivery system requires 8 psi of system pressure for every g of acceleration to maintain fuel flow.

Fuel-Delivery Basics

You can therefore see that, given a low-pressure 8-psi fuel system pushing against a 1g launch, there could easily be no fuel flow in the system during the time the car is experiencing that g force. Given that situation, the car must have at least an to psi system with sufficient volume to handle the incredible fuel-delivery demands.

Most knowledgeable car builders take advantage of pressurized flow by placing the fuel pump at the rear of the car. Because pumps are far more efficient at pushing fuel than pulling, mounting the pump in the rear makes optimal use of the pressure pushing the fuel up to the front of the car.

Fuel-line material, size, connections and routing also play a role in this fuel-delivery equation. Obviously, a larger line has the potential to flow more fuel than a smaller line. Rubber line has a far greater resistance to flow than aluminum or steel and can easily be measured as a pressure loss over a known distance.

Pressure losses also occur at fuel-line connections, especially in degree fittings. To prevent that, the fuel-delivery system should be designed to limit the number of degree fuel fittings.

Ideally, there should be no degree fittings, but if you must use them, use full-flow tube-style AN connections.

diagram based 3vze fuel return line diagram completed

For street-driven cars, look for a pump thats designed for continuous use. Many of the ultrahigh-output pumps are intended for drag racing only and are not designed for long-duration usage. The to psi high-pressure pumps designed for EFI applications can also be used for carbureted cars, but the system must be fitted with a return line to prevent the fuel from being heated under low-fuel-demand situations.Remember Me?

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I'm sure I'll find it eventually, but thought I could get a quick answer here while I keep putting the engine back together. Doing a head gasket replacement, and getting everything back together now.

This was the first time I have done anything with this motor. I got the fuel rails and injectors back in, but for the life of me can't find where the banjo fitting goes on the body side of the fuel return line.

I still have it connected on the passenger side fuel rail right in the center. Just looking for the other end connection point. I'm on a weird sleep schedule so working on this at night, which isn't helping me with all the shadows from the work light. Any quick help would be greatly appreciated.

Originally Posted by wallytoo. Do you happen to know the name of that line? I just broke it I wanted to get this running today but that's not happening now. I'd like to get a new one as opposed to getting another brittle one from the junk yard. Never mind, I figured it out.

I'm just going to go with a fuel line splice. So after looking at it, the splice wouldn't work. The line is too brittle.

After searching for a new line, and looking at having a custom one made, and dead ends for all of those, I decided to just delete the line.

diagram based 3vze fuel return line diagram completed

I couldn't even find any M8x1. I first thought I could get away with welding the end of the bolt, but after looking at it, the threads themselves aren't made to seal and it still may bypass the bolt into the fitting.

So then I just cut the banjo fittings off and welded them closed.

Dont be square!

So I guess if anyone else runs into this and doesn't want to chance it with a used line, this is probably the cheapest and fastest way to go to just plug it. I used Inconel filler because I don't know the exact composition of the metal, and it's a good filler for dissimilar carbon, chromoly and stainless steels. You can get away with stainless too. It's literally a 5 min job and any shop that does tig welding could do it cheap.

You don't need to do the bolt.July 6,am All relays and fuses have been tested and are okay. Add To Cart. To replace it, all that is needed is a 14mm box wrench for the fuel lines, a 12mm socket for the filter mounts, some rags, and a drain pan. I re-attached all the vacuum lines and replaced any that were broken including the stupid PVC line and started the truck up. Both have excellent wiring fuel lines brakelines etc diagrams.

Most people agree the 3. You can count on MicroGard to provide outstanding quality, long lasting durability and a perfect fit every time. Because these applications are typically high rpm, high lift, and high spring pressure, Borer says they do not offer. Replaces the fuel pump but when I turn the key on the pump will not run.

View Details H. Do you know where I could get a good diagram? Let the explanation begin: about two weeks ago I started my car cold, let it idle for a couple of minutes and took off down the street. The 4th is for the EVAP. The purge control valve is on the engine. Recently, it started having problems idling cold or warm. This engine was installed in other off-road Toyota models in the future.

Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Modelnew micron in-line fuel filter for toyota Ignition timing is tough to understand, but easy to adjust and set. He was driving down the road and it just died. See more ideas about 4runner, Toyota, Diagram. The fuel pressure regulator is responsible for keeping your fuel lines at a constant pressure rating while also preventing the use of too much fuel during acceleration, deceleration, and other emission heavy operations.

Engine: 4 Cyl 2. Sign up today to access the guides. You will need to relocate the steel line coming from the gas tank. From 2.Adding a return fuel line is an essential part of your electronic fuel injection installation. EFI systems require a return line to move unneeded fuel from the fuel injection system back to the fuel tank. This process of cycling fuel from the tank to the injectors or throttle body and back to the tank is a complex process.

In this short video, I will show you how to properly add a fuel return line or tap into your existing fuel tank. The most critical part of this stage is to add a downline under your return bung that moves the fuel under the fill level. This will prevent aeration and bubbling of the fuel.

When aeration occurs, it introduces air into the fuel pressurization feed line. This will cause hesitations, hard starts, and bogging. If you look closely at the Holley Sniper installation instructions, you will see the illustration properly outlining how to do this.

Most resources I am finding on YouTube and blogs do not add the return downline into the fuel tank. The photo above courtesy of Holley. Visit their website here to learn more about the Sniper fuel injection system. Tags: fuel injectionfuel return lineholley sniperhow to install a fuel return linereturn line. Check out Budget Build.There are three types of predictions available on TROJANBET.

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diagram based 3vze fuel return line diagram completed

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Fuel Line Size vs. Pressure Drop

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