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The rifle is constructed completely from Alloy, with Steel Internals. Full description. We have partnered with Omni Capital Retail Finance, allowing you to spread the cost of our higher cost items over time with ease.

You can select finance during the payment process which will take you to the Omni Capital portal and allow you to complete a credit check at your leisure. Learn more about our Airsoft Interest Free Finance here. Here at Patrol Base we ship all around world, with delivery not only to the UK, but to most of the EU and select Worldwide locations as well.

We provide a working day by road service via our handpicked courier services, simply buy your Airsoft guns with us and we'll have them delivered directly to your door. For more information and to see the country we deliver please check out our Delivery Information Page.

Below are some rough postage prices for orders. Please note these are subject to change, and are only a rough guide. For more accurate postage estimate please use the Postage Calculator at the basket. We want you to be absolutely happy with our products and services, so we provide the simple Patrol Base guarantee: if on receiving your item you are unhappy with your item for any reason then simply send it back to us.

We will replace or refund the item. You can return any item for any reason whatsoever, even if you have just changed your mind, within 14 days of receipt of the order. For more information on returning products, and how to do it please visit our Returns Policy Page. The rifle features a Gas Blowback System meaning the bolt cycles just like its Real Steel counterpart giving it recoil when shot.

The gun comes with an adjustable fixed front sight, as well as a detachable flip-up rear sight. The gas system itself is one of the most reliable on the market, working in a variety of temperatures and can even share magazines with GHK G5 users. We recommend that after every game you fully maintain your GHK M4 after every game to ensure that your rifle fires perfectly first time, every time.

This includes a full strip down and re-lubrication.But first, I need some advice I just want your opinion, tell my which gun you think is the best and why it is the best. Best regards. For now, because of the small market of GHK users, and because magazines are more expensive, I suggest looking around for a lot of reviews before going for either. This isn't something you should let a forum decide, this is a choice you have to make.

Both will have their issues, both will be expensive, and both will be a hell of a lot of work to keep running well. Accuracy- depends on what you put into it. WE's stock hop-up on their older models anything besides PDW and sucks. The newer ones are decent.

Can't say about GHK. Recoil- Very similar. There is a way to measure, but I doubt anyone who owns either is sad enough to do it. Recoil shouldn't be such a deciding factor. Upgradability- Not much for the WE. GHK- well it's an AK. Externally, you're limited to furniture and optics. And possibly rails. Can't say about internals.

You can make millions of combinations with the parts available today. Reliability- I'd have to say neither are truly reliable. Reliable to me is being able to shoot thousands of rounds with basic maintenance, really just the occasional clean and regular lubing. Just as a note, those pics of the GHK are the first batch in the released models, they're not a prototype. And what do you mean?

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I've never heard of a lower receiver breaking down? Or do you mean the parts? If so, yep.

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I would get a KJW M4 all the way, it's without a doubt the best bang for the buck.The new G5 rifle from GHK features realistic blowback action, adding to the authenticity of your gameplay.

The G5 is constructed from a high-grade polymer upper and lower receiver for a lightweight, yet reliable, build. Alongside the polymer externals, this rifle is fitted with full metal internals for maximum durability against the high internal pressure. The functional bolt slides back during use to provide a satisfying kick with every trigger pull, and will automatically lock back when the magazine is empty. This rifle is desired by many enthusiasts who seek a realistic rifle that is not only authentic looks, but shoots and feels like the real firearm.

A full length 20mm picatinny top rail and three sided RIS handguard allow for a wide range of customization options including your favorite optic sight or foregrip. Front and rear iron sights allow players to quickly and easily zero in their targets without the need of additional optic accessory.

The specially designed ergonomic magazine provides optimal grip when hastily changing magazines. Players can use the fully adjustable side-folding stock to alter the overall length of this rifle for easy transportation and increased maneuverability in CQB situations.

Utilize the adjustable hop-up to account for various wind speed and target range, to achieve the most accurate shot every time.

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The ambidextrous selector switch and magazine release make it easy for both right and left handed players to operate this rifle without limitations. By combining rugged internals and externals with the realism many players look for, the GHK G5 satisfies the need for airsoft enthusiasts of all play styles. UPC: Availability: Online Only. Shipping: Calculated at Checkout. You save. Velocity: FPS.

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Power Source: Green Gas. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: — Increase Quantity:. Why buy from Airsoft Station? Description warranty The new G5 rifle from GHK features realistic blowback action, adding to the authenticity of your gameplay. Related Products. Add to Cart Quick view. Customer Reviews.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Email Us: Support AirSplat.

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GHK M4 RIS GBBR Airsoft Rifle

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ghk m16

E EMG. P Pro-win Pistol Other. S SIG. Stark Arms Pistol Other. V VFC Other. W WE Pistol Other.By SturmDecember 9, in General Discussion. I really hate M4s, but am interested in possibly getting one for the Christmas season.

GHK M4 Mk18 Mod1 GBBR Gas Blow Back

The GHK M4 series looks quite good, and is somewhat cheap compared to the latter two brands. However, it does not have the correct markings. How good are they? Are they worth the money? Finally, there is Bomber.

ghk m16

I like the M16A1 that they produce. Is it any good? What are the 'best' of these three brands? GHK, with co2 mags they run like trains all year round, you can mod the mags YT devil hunter mod so you can fill them from a 20oz co2 bottle.

They shoot well, parts are plentiful, I think one reason you don't see much discussion about them it is mainly because they just work. Mileage may vary there have been a few odd hiccups I've seen reported but for the most part they are good and skirmishable out of the box especially in the US with your higher fps range. Co2 is king IMO, serious recoil compared to green gas.

GHK AUG A1 Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle, Black

Ghk are the best gbbr that take co2. You can get receviers engraved etc.

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Personally I would use WE just because my 1 priority is accuracy and range, and nothing beats WE hop ups when you combine them with Maple Leaf upgrades. But I recon GHK has superior quality overall, reliability is simply amazing, and the possibility to use CO2 from a paintball bottle with DeveilHunter's mod makes it one of the few GBBRs that can withstand the coldest winter without a hiccup, and pretty cheap to run.

About markings, where could I get the correct Colt markings engraved? Could most Hong Kong retailers such as Airsoft Global do engravings? The TM has correct Colt Markings, and is better than the GHK as you dont need to re-point the bolt every rounds, replace the hop to something effective. Yes, I've read about that. Apparently the gas magazines use the same valves, etc. Not quite - you'll need to change the outlet and inlet valves of the green gas magazines if you want to fill them with CO2.

In my considered opinion it's pointlessly risky when you can just refill the CO2 magazines instead. The rabbit store did the engraving for another gun of mine and I like it, OP can ask if they carry the whole gun or just the lower and do the markings for you, one-stop.RPM [15]. It is a common modernised variant of the AK rifle developed in the s. Introduced into service with the Soviet Army inthe AKM is the prevalent variant of the entire AK series of firearms and it has found widespread use with most member states of the former Warsaw Pact and its African and Asian allies as well as being widely exported and produced in many other countries.

The production of these rifles was carried out at both the Tula Arms Plant and Izhmash. It was officially replaced in Soviet frontline service by the AK in the late s, but remains in use worldwide. In addition to being the subject of American gun collectors, U. The AKM is an assault rifle chambered in 7. It is a selective fire, gas operated with a rotating boltfiring in either semi-automatic or fully automatic, and has a cyclic rate of fire of around — rounds per minute RPM.

The gas operated action has a massive bolt carrier with a permanently attached long stroke gas piston. The gas chamber is located above the barrel. The bolt carrier rides on the two rails, formed on the side of the receiver, with a significant space between the moving and stationary parts. Compared with the AK, the AKM features detail improvements and enhancements that optimised the rifle for mass production; some parts and assemblies were conceived using simplified manufacturing methods.

Notably, the AK's milled steel receiver was replaced by a U-shaped steel stamping. The AK's chrome-lined barrel was retained, a common feature of Soviet weapons which resists wear and corrosion, particularly under harsh field conditions and near-universal Eastern Bloc use of corrosively primed ammunition.

The AKM's receiver is stamped from a smooth 1. A rear stock trunnion and forward barrel trunnion are fastened to the U-shaped receiver using rivets. The receiver housing also features a rigid tubular cross-section support that adds structural strength. Guide rails that assist the bolt carrier's movement which also incorporates the ejector are installed inside the receiver through spot welding. As a weight-saving measure, the stamped receiver cover is of thinner gauge metal than that of the AK In order to maintain strength and durability it employs both longitudinal and latitudinal reinforcing ribs.

The forward barrel trunnion has a non-threaded socket for the barrel and a transverse hole for a pin that secures the barrel in place. The AKM's barrel is installed in the forward trunnion and pinned as opposed to the AK, which has a one piece receiver with integral trunnions and a barrel that is screwed-in. Additionally the barrel has horizontal guide slots that help align and secure the handguards in place.

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