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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. So I bought a new UPS and I'm really annoyed that the fan to cool the heat-sink for the mosfets runs continuously and is quite loud.

I would like to hack the fan so that It turn on only when the power goes out as the mosfets run cool when there is AC power and only get hot when the power goes out. I don't want to just add a resistor in series to reduce the rpm of the fan as I want to keep the full cooling power when it switches to battery backup.

Is there a simple way to do this? You do need to be careful here as you'll find the device also generates significant heat when charging the battery. I can't help on a simple way to do what you want, but is there an indicator on the panel or something that changes state when on battery you could use?

I did the reverse and put a resistor across the MOSFET switch to make sure the fan always runs at a reduced speed, switching to full speed when it would normally run. Your UPS is line interactive, the electronics are always enabled to regulate the voltage. Replace the fan for a more silent one, or get a UPS with bypass topology.

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UPS noise - APC vs. competition?

Does the fan run at two different speeds? One for UPS on battery and one when it's just idling along. They go to a low speed when it's just sitting there so I made a little circuit with a microcontroller on it that disconnects the fans when it's running at a low speed and reconnects them when it goes to a high-speed. If the fans are just voltage-controlled that's easy enough to do if they are pwm controlled that's a little more difficult.

I also added a thermistor to my little board cuz if it does get hot in the chassis I do want the fans to come on.

Now I just need to get the temperature setting correct. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk. Quote from: Jeroen3 on September 27,am. Quote from: BradC on September 27,am. You've probably owned bypass types. These have a relay to bypass the inverter and the only thing permanently active in those is the detection circuitry.

Which will be a few watts. When used on battery they become hot quickly, but they never last longer than 30 minutes. After that charger is activated, but that is more efficient than the inverter. This is why you do not upgrade the batteries of a UPS to laster a lot longer. It might overheat. But, you now have a line interactive one.

Which regulates voltage. If it does this solid state, it will need the fan. There is a topic of a teardown of a line interactive UPS from eaton.Forums New posts Search forums. New posts New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu. Forums [H]ard Ware Power Supplies.

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Tripp Lite 2. Thread starter kandor Start date Dec 24, Joined Aug 24, Messages Hi, I got this UPS the other day - it's 'online' in that it's inverter is always running. My issue is the fan noise - it's an 80mm fan and I can hear it in the next room. It's at a point where I will have to return it, or mod the cooling system somehow. So at the moment I have to power down the UPS and then unplug it from the wall to quiet it down.

Any advice or pointer to other units that aren't so damn loud? Joined Nov 19, Messages 14, Joined Aug 29, Messages 16, The fan in that unit is rated for 50 dB so it should sound like your average refrigerator. Did you have it shipped via UPS? Fans can easily be damaged when they play beat the crap out of your package.Labporn Diagrams Tutorials News. Please see the full rules page for details on the rules, but the jist of it is:. Post about your homelab, discussion of your homelab, questions you may have, or general discussion about transition your skill from the homelab to the workplace.

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ups fan noise

All experience levels. Try to be specific with your questions if possible. Might be able to find things useful for a lab. This may not be an issue for many here, who run high powered rack mount stuff. But for me it's kind of a problem. Now, I have found it has a rather loud fan that runs constantly, even with line power and no load at all.

ups fan noise

Just wondering if anyone has these and is it normal? I got mixed info when trying to google it. Not that loud stock fan mid speed.

ups fan noise

Yours could have bad berrings id open it up and replace the fan. Not sure how long you've had it up and running? The loud fan may coincide with the UPS charging its batteries for 48 hours or so and then it will shut off. If it's been a few days, then it's probably just normal operation for his UPS. Check out the dBA rating to see the noise rating.This will create some pinging noise for a short time until it is cleared.

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Second — Continuous low level noise is the normal for UPS Fans Third — Intermittent noise can be fans wearing out- no longer spinning centrally- bearings wearing out Forth- Dust can build up in the fans causing a smokey smell- check? Call Me. Learn More.

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However, since I work from a home office it is exceptionally loud in operation.

Eaton UPS FAN doesn't stop.

I've looked through the admin pages of the web UI but can't see anything relating to fan control. Is there anyway of hushing this beast or will I need to put it up for sale?? You can try to clean it a bit, if that does not work it will probably break soon. I didn't notice that the battery hadn't fully charged. Now that it has its calmed itself and the hum is somewhat more bearable. Then, when the batteries were fully charged the noise dropped a little bitbut the noise level is still way too much for me.

We haven't heard many complaints about the 5PX fans, so this is a bit surprising. The 5PX processes quite a bit of power for such a small box, hence the need for fast fans. However, it doesn't produce an abnormal amount of sound for an IT rack-mount product like a POE switch. Is there any grinding noise, or is the volume just a constant sound of air flowing out of the unit?

I would agree, that these are probably the best units to have sitting under your desks. Mine has settled down now and its quite alright noise wise.

I did have a question though about how much power it actually uses itself. I'd like to buy some more power leads to power some more of my devices and perhaps a converter so I can plug in routers, IP phone power adaptors etc and protect the rest of my kit. I have the Eaton and the fan is very noisy. Will it work if I replace with a quiet fan? Is there a system in that checks the fan speed and will it give me an error if I replace with a slower quieter fan?

Bigger fan, slower speed, lower noise. Similar heat dissipation. I think that'll work fine.I installed two SMT tower units in a quiet office environment only to discover that the SMT's cooling fan is RPM, always on, and extremely loud and intolerable, like a hair dryer.

All the office PCs have multiple fans in each case, all engineered for quiet operation, using temperature to control fan RPM, so all PCs are extremely quiet, and cool.

Incredible that the Smart-UPS tower units, at this price point, were not engineered for quiet operation. To keep the SMT units, I need to modify the fans. Tech Yensun Technology Corp. FDHB fans, and each UPS has one mm unfiltered intake vent no fan on the side and one 92mm fan exhausting to the rear. The fan specs are - 24 volt, 0. In the case, the fan noise is louder due to the airflow through the old-style exhaust vent that is stamp-cut in the rear case panel a wire cage fan guard or honeycomb would have been a better solution, increasing air-flow and reducing noise.

So what is the best modification option? Replace the stock fan with a much lower RPM fan 24 volt that is engineered to be quiet? Replace the stock fan with a quiet 12 volt fan, using an integrated circuit linear voltage regulator e.

LM to step down the supply voltage from 24v to 12v? I found a couple 24v controller circuit boards on eBay here. And schematics are available online as well to DIY - example example for 12v, not 24v supply 4.

Using a mm intake fan and a 92mm exhaust fan, install two 12v fans in series 24v total with zener diodes and capacitors? The UPS circuit board has a 3-pin header for the fan connection, so if the stock 2-wire fan 24v is replaced with a 3-wire fan 24vdoes the UPS circuitry already have a thermistor and ability to control fan RPM by voltage relative to internal temperature? And if not, why not?? Has anyone satisfactorily fixed the noise problem with any of these fan modifications?

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Something has to be done right away to quiet these UPS fans. Thanks in advance for any help. I'm just another user I don't work for APCbut if these are newly purchased units I would suggest returning them for alternative models rather than modifying them and voiding the warranty.

Regarding your question about the 3rd pin on the fan header, I would guess that it won't do anything useful for you. If it is for a sensor from the fan normally a yellow wirethen the UPS firmware is ignoring whatever happens on that pin since the factory fan doesn't provide that signal. I fitted 1, the fan should be running around half speed unless charging or on battery but yes it is way louder than is acceptable for a home office, or even a work office for that matter.

Before you go for it check for firmware downloads as it may enable 2 speed fan control if it doesn't already have it.

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I managed not to blow myself up but I am sure you know about discharging everything after shutting off and removing the battery packs. Take the case off to see what's what and you can remove the back panel where the fan mounts to get round the lack of clearance.

I emailed APC support about any possible existing fan control via the 3rd pin on the 3-pin fan header, but there's no reply yet. Maybe APC already has a solution on the shelf using a 3-pin fan, and the 3rd pin, and a firmware upgrade, and it all can be done at an authorized service center - who knows.

Unfortunately, unless there is an immediate authorized fix offered, I have to fix the noise problem, warranty or no warranty. Thanks very much for that Nidec fan link. I am now looking at that 24v fan with thermistor and thermal speed control circuit mounted on the fan housing as the first option to try. I don't know about Nidec's sleeve bearings - usually sleeve bearings get noisy faster than any other type. Will call Nidec tomorrow.

At one or the other speed, the fan is always on. These are brand new units out of recent stock, and by their two-speed operation I'd guess these have the updated firmware, although I have not checked yet. Similarly, if I install a thermistor controlled fan such as that Nidec suggested by Terry maybe with the thermistor located closer to the batteriesI'm curious how it will play with those 2-speed voltage changes.

Good call on those anti-vibration fan mounts - recommended.Forums New posts Search forums. New posts New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu. Forums [H]ard Ware Power Supplies. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Totally silent UPS? Thread starter rem Start date May 28, Joined May 11, Messages Deleted member Guest.

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What do you mean by totally silent UPS? Are you referring to quiet as in no fan noise? Skillz said:. Joined Aug 15, Messages Just about any UPS unit over a certain rating is going to need a fan to keep the inverter cool. I don't know of any brand that have made a Seasonic-like UPS yet over engineered components and an intelligent near silent fan that can shut off. How long do you need your system to survive on battery power, and how much does it really draw?

In normal operation it is completely silent though there is a definite electrical whine when it is in battery mode or recoverying after an outage or when you first plug it in. You also need black electrical tape if you don't want to go blind from the LED. I think the issue is one of market - No one seems to target that 0.

Joined Dec 8, Messages Raudulfr 2[H]4U. Joined Sep 12, Messages 2, There is a fan in that one, but it is temperature controlled.

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How much wattage are you pulling? If the unit is staying cool enough while under a reasonable load it could be interesting. I wonder if APC would cover it under warranty if it became noisy either because wear and tear raised the regular operating temperature or degraded the fan bearings.

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